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The Rebel (2022)
The Rebel (2022) 6.6
2022 Persian Drama 15 +


Javid is a seventeen-year-old youngster from the southern part of the city, a region filled with shabby, old apartments. He has lost his parents years ago and has nobody except his half-sister. Although Javid is a professional wrestler, he has to steal and wager on wrestling to earn money for a living. He is passionately in love with a girl called Abra. But her mother acutely disagrees with their relationship and marriage due to his family issues. Javid decides to exploit his wrestling talent, so enters a wealthy man club called Bahman and his wife Tala who intend to support gifted teenage wrestlers financially and spiritually to join the national team. Javid plans to participate in the Hungary World Competitions to prove his efficiency and social title to Abra and her mother. After constant efforts, he wins the gold medal in the Teenage Wrestling Competition and sets off for Hungary. The conquest of his conditions changes the opinion of Abra family and his neighborhood about him and makes them proud of him. Javid, who is mature now, returns to Iran heroically.

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